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Except for the Christmas colored candy, our house is officially "Un-Christmasified."

It makes me sad knowing that Christmas is over and that I have to go back to work tomorrow, but there is something about taking everything down that makes the house feel "fresh" and " new." We spent the day cleaning so it not only feels fresh, but clean as well!! It's nice to have a clean house before going back to work.

I wanted to share this cool trick I learned with you. I took the tablecloth and table pads off of my dining room table last night, only to find that I had 3 huge water spots (that's the best way I know to describe them-3 white circles) on my table. One in the middle and two on one side.

I can't figure out what in the world caused these circles because-
1. I had the table pad covering the entire table.
2. There wasn't any food or drinks in the middle of the table where the biggest circle was.
3. I had placemats AND the table cover where people had their drinks.

I immediately tried furniture luck. I called my grandma and she told me to try laying a dishtowel over them and lightly iron over the spot on low with no luck.
Then I decided to do some research online.
I found three sources that said to try toothpaste. As crazy as that sounded to me, all of the people online said it worked.


I used Crest Whitening and put a dime sized amount on a wet rag and rubbed over the spot in a circular motion. It went away instantaneously. How crazy is that??
I was amazed and then proceeded to clean my entire table with toothpaste. It made the table really shiny! haha Hopefully you won't, but if you ever find water spots on wood pieces, try this trick. It has to be paste... the gel doesn't work.

I am working on Winter Decorations for my newly cleaned and shiny table.
Look for pictures tomorrow! :)


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