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Headband Tutorial

A sweet friend of mine asked me to make her a headband.
She wanted it to be black with a flower.

To make your own you will need:
knit fabric
hot glue/needle and thread

I started by cutting 8 circles out of my knit fabric. It's okay if the circles aren't perfect. You can trim them up later. I just used an old ribbon spool to outline the size of my circles.

Then fold the circle once in half, then in half again. It will look like a pizza (or a petal.)

Then cut a circle out of felt. This circle needs to be slightly smaller than the others.

Then start arranging 4 of your petals on your felt. I chose to be lazy and hot glue them to the circle, but you can certainly sew them on.

Then arrange the second layer of petals and hot glue those on.

(sorry for the blurry picture...not sure how that happened)

Then hot glue a button to the middle.

Give it a gentle shake to make the petals fluff a little bit and your flower is done.

Now, hot glue the flower to your headband and place another piece of felt on the back. (I forgot to take a picture of this, but you get the idea.)

I hope she likes it!
I can't wait to make some more in different colors.



Saving the Dinner Party

My adorable friend Maribeth sent the link to this blog to me.
I absolutely love what the article says about the Dinner Party.

My grandmother actually kept a notebook of all the menus from her dinner parties, as well. I remember looking at it when I was younger.
I called her when I read this and told her I needed to read it again.

In the 2 years that we have been married, I have used my china 1 time. I think that's sad.
Casual parties are fun, but it is also fun to get dressed up(or not...) and use the fine china.

We are having some friends over on Thursday for dinner...maybe I will break out the fine china! And maybe I'll start a notebook....

I encourage you to do the same.
Let's save the tradition of the Dinner Parties that our grandmothers used to have! :)

Here are some beautiful tablescapes to leave you with.

(Picture from Between Naps on the Porch)

(Picture from The Decorologist)

(Picture from Design Sherpa)


Storybook Baby Shower

Yesterday was the last shower in what I most fondly called "Baby Shower Month." My dear friend and roommate from college is having a baby girl and since we were all teachers we decided to have a Storybook theme. I got the idea from this website.

Our decorations included the stuffed animal book characters from Kohls (LOVE THOSE) and little printed book covers.

Even our Menu followed the theme.

This was our menu:
Breakfast Casserole
(Green Eggs and Ham)
didn't get a picture of this :(

(The Rainbow Fish)

Chocolate Chip Cookies
(If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

Banana Bread

(The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Pink Lemonade

And this was the beautiful cake made by one of Laura's friends. It was so tasty!!
(Bunny Cake)

(From Left- Laura, Sarah, Misa, Me)

We had a blast hosting this shower for Misa and we can't wait to meet little Miss Lilly!!



Baby Shower Gifts

It's been a while folks. Sorry about that! The past few weeks have been very busy!!
I have named February-Baby Shower month. I have 5 baby showers to attend this month. I wanted to give each one of them something special and homemade so in all of my spare time I've been at work on my sewing machine.
I'm so sad, but I didn't get a picture of the little Kimono booties that I made for my friend Allison. Her shower was last weekend and I finished them just in time to wrap them!
Anyway, I used this tutorial and they turned out so adorable!!

I also made some bib and burp cloth sets. I just drew the pattern for the bibs and then used store bought cloth diapers with fabric for the burp cloths. I hope they will enjoy them.

Here are the sets I made for the boys:

I paired them with a little wooden toy race car I found at Target.

Here are the sets I made for the baby girls:
couldn't resist the ruffles! :)

Can't wait to share some other things I have been working on!
Check back soon!!

Have a great weekend!