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Cupcake Pincushion

I am VERY new to sewing, but it is a hobby that I have really grown to enjoy.

I bought a container of pretty colored pins the other day and I realized that I needed a cute pincushion to stick them in while I'm sewing.
So, I found an old yellow candle holder and some scrap fabric and got to work.

To make it, I cut a circle out of my fabric. Then put some batting in the circle and hot glued it closed. Then I hot glued the little pouch into the candle holder. I added some ribbon and voila, a cute Cupcake Pincushion that makes me happy when I sew.

One day, I want to have a "Craft Room", but for now I have a little corner of our guest room. The pincushion adds a splash of color to my sewing table!

Since we are on the topic of cupcakes, PLEASE check out the blog, Cupcakes and Cups.
I can't wait to try the Popcorn Cake.


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