Southern Chic


Sad Day.

I said I would post pictures of my dining room today.
But, sadly I haven't had a chance to take any.

Let me start this by saying that I lose things a lot.
I am constantly misplacing my cell phone, camera, glasses, etc. I think it is part of my spastic personality. It's a problem, I realize. I really have been trying to work on it.
In fact, it was part of my New Year's Resolution.

Well, my friends. It didn't start out so hot for me.
Okay, now on to the story.

Last night when I was getting ready for bed I realized that I had somehow, somewhere, lost my Clemson Class Ring.
(Photo from Herff Jones)
Mine is just like this one, but I graduated in 06.

I wear it everyday and it is so special to me. At night, when I get ready to wash my face, I ALWAYS put my rings in the same place (I have trained myself to do this because I do lose things so often). That's when I realized it was missing.

Other than going out once, we spent the rest of the day cleaning, so I'm thinking it HAS to be in this house SOME.WHERE.

We have torn the house apart. Retraced steps. Looked like fools at 12AM using flashlights to search parking lots in our pajamas. Taken cushions out of the sofas and chairs. Taken the garbage disposal and sink pipes apart. Searched through trash.
NO Ring.

I am SO. SAD.

I am really hoping it will turn up.



  1. I am so sad for you too. I was there when President Barker gave it to you. Remember the funny thing the fellow next to you said? Anyway...we will be positive and say will turn up.