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Puzzling Tradition

For a while now my dad and I have been putting together puzzles during the Christmas Season. It has become a tradition. We pick a Christmas puzzle and start it after Thanksgiving.
Since I do not live a ho
me anymore dad does most of the work.

Our goal is always to finish before or on Christmas Day, but the puzzle Dad chose this year was ridiculously hard. It was a 1000 piece 3-D puzzle with postcards and pictures of Vintage Santas.

Tonight, James and I were out at Mom and Dad's for supper.
We recruited James for extra "puzzle finishing support" and we finished!
Whoo hoo!

The before picture.
See that little picture on the right??
That was the only picture of the puzzle we had to look at.

The puzzle is finished!

Happy that we are done.
I don't think we can handle another 3-D puzzle.
I love that dad is holding the magnifying glass...we used it often!

I love traditions...especially at Christmas! I wonder what puzzle we will do next year??



  1. ....thank stewart and i for that :) we gave it to him for his birthday!

  2. haha the 3-D was crazy!!! It looked so pretty when I was finished though! I loved the Vintage Santas!

  3. I contributed nothing to this puzzle project.....the 3D made me too dizzy...but I enjoyed watching the progress...