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Dressing up Pearls

I am a southern girl, so I have probably 5 or 6 different sets of pearls. Some are very special to me. One was my grandmothers, one my parent's gave me for Christmas the year before I got married, and one my husband gave me on my wedding day.
I save those to wear on special occasions.

The other sets, however, I never wear. They are pretty short strands and I just don't think to wear them. I wanted to change them up a bit so that I would wear them more often.

I chose a necklace and a bracelet to work with. They have a "creamish white" tint.

To make the necklace, I cut a piece of lace from an old express lace shirt.
I tied it on either end of the pearls and then pinned on a fabric rosette. So easy!!
You could do this with any of your short necklaces.
Add some lace (or any pretty fabric for that matter) and a rosette and you're done.
For the bracelet, I simply cut three short pieces of lace and then tied them in three different places on the bracelet! Once again, SO easy!

Have fun changing up some of your jewelry and have a happy New Year's Eve!


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