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Wreath for 30 cents

I love thrift stores. The other day I got this cool wired, gold rimmed burlap ribbon for 10 cents (YES...10 CENTS!!)each. I grabbed all 3 and knew exactly what I would do with them!! The other day I saw this tutorial on Where the Heart Is. I decided this ribbon would be perfect for a "burlap" wreath.

I used a wire coat hanger, my burlap ribbon, and a "G" that I had been trying to figure out what to do with.

I started by bending the hanger into and round shape. Then I un-twisted the end so I could poke the ribon through. Since the ribbon was wired it was really easy to fold and stick through the hanger. I ended up using all 3 rolls of ribbon to make the wreath look really full. When I got to the end I used pliers to twist the hanger. Then I added a green ribbon to the top and hung the "G" on the ribbon.

This is what I ended up with. I hung it on a mirror I have by our front door and I really like how it looks. I want to get a wooden "G" and paint it brown to make it pop a little more, but for now this cute little "G" works.

This cute addition to our foyer cost me only 30 cents for the ribbon...everything else I had laying around the house.
I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!!!

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